As your interim innkeepers, our services are comprehensive and can include:
• Management: welcome, guest check-in and check-out, payments
• Day to day property management
• Reservation: answering telephone inquiries and emails, internet reservations
• Breakfast: preparation, service and clearing up
• Housekeeping incl. employee supervision and facility management
• Shopping and errands
• Accounting: daily bookkeeping and needed reports and payments
• Hospitality: advice to guests, shuttle service
• Service: inside and outside maintenance, plants care, security
• Care of animals if any
• Others duties as discussed


Each assignment is unique therefore the compensation will be determined based on the work and the needs of your business, its size, its standard level, with or without staff, time of the year, length of the stay and transportation. Still, our aim is a win-win agreement for both parties: you enjoy your break and we look after your business.
We expect a decent room for us to sleep but we cater and pay for our own meals.
Minimum stay is 1 week. We are prepared to arrive several days  before your departure. That way, you can show us around and explain everything needed to us, so you can take your break knowing that your business is in good hands.

Feel free to contact us  for more information or if you have any questions.
We will usually respond within 24 hours.